Jambalaya! Ok… not quite.

Seeing that we are moving soon, I am in the process of using up all of the food we have in the freezer. Apparently, we can’t move at across the country.

So let’s see what’s in the pantry. I have sausages, chicken, and uncooked rice. Hmmm… I also have a cauliflower. (No shrimp; someone in the family has allergies to them. We have a lot of food restrictions so I am trying to create different things to eat with these limitations). So, off googling I go.

I found this neat little recipe from PaleOMG.

I noticed that I had most of the ingredients and decided to use it as my inspiration.

Now, my meats are pre-cooked (yes, I pre-cook and freeze meat to be ready to use in a hurry) and even though I have this wonderfully aromatic, homemade Creole spice mix, that has that right amount of heat, I had to pass it up to make a non-spicy dish. I am making it for the whole family, including my little unicorn; her stomach and spicy foods do not mix.

I gathered all my ingredients… close enough, and off I went.

The first thing I did was “rice” my cauliflower.

Using my veggie strip maker, perfect to use during nap time.

I gathered my chopped onion and celery, placed them in the all-purpose pot, and added fresh garlic. Once the onion was translucent, I added my cauliflower “rice,” and my homemade veggie broth.

All in easy reach!



I covered the mix and let it simmer for ~ 7 minutes. Now the original recipe deals with raw meat but mine is pre-cooked so they did not need as much “cooking” time.

While that was happening I prepared the cooked meat, cans of tomatoes and tomato paste, and premixed spices.

The spice mix included paprika, dried oregano, chili powder, and some garlic powder. Like I said, no hot spices will be added to my mix <sad face>.

Once I added the meat I let it cook for about another 5 minutes and then left it to rest.

Finally, I gave it one last stir and then served it up.

Although, not the delicious jambalaya with roux and spice that I love, it ended up being a rather tasty and one that I will definitely repeat.

Unicorn friendly.

Do you have a recipe you make at home that is inspired by another recipe but is not that?


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